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MopTops Haircare 4 Kids Range

We have a MopTops Haircare range designed specifically for kids to help you manage their hair using healthy and eco friendly products. Children’s hair does not produce as many oils as adult hair so it needs extra special products to help care for your young one’s hair.

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Nex Gen Organics 4 Adults

Our NEW product range of certified organic shampoo, conditioner and treatments is specially designed to help nurture your adult hair.

We have a variety of shampoo and conditioner types to help you get what your hair needs.

MopTops Benefits

MopTops haircare products are designed to care for you and the environment. You can feel confident that our products are free from any nasties.

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  • Tackle Knots

  • Swim Care

  • Everyday Hair Care

  • Curly Care

  • Cleanse

  • Hydrate

  • Smooth

  • Nourish

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moptops haircare for kids

We can help your kids enjoy their haircare

The Products

We have a MopTops Haircare range designed specifically for kids to help you manage their hair using healthy and eco friendly products. Including Shampoos, conditioners, detangling sprays, head lice prevention, curl creams, serums and UV protectors.

The Equipment

We have the world's BEST BRUSH to help make hair brushing less painful and easier on little heads. These brushes suit any hair type and honestly make the world of difference for families.

The Workshops

Our Daddy & Daughter Workshops are brilliant for families wanting to upskill the father in the house and create some quality bonding time with their daughters. They will learn some tricks and techniques that will help make hair management easier.

What you need to know about our products

Australian made

Every product in our range is 100% Australian made! Our ingredients are purchased and certified in Australia for trusted integrity. All our ingredients are purchased from Australian suppliers and have been chosen for their high grade, purity and ethical farming. Many of our native ingredients are grown by indigenous farmers in Australia.

Not tested on animals

None of the raw materials in our products are tested on animals and our products contain no animal derived ingredients or by-products.

Vegan friendly

Approximately 98% of the products we manufacture are vegan friendly. Our source of beeswax is from fair-trade farms that ethically harvest the wax in recyclable packaging.

PETE "1"

The “1” inside the triangle indicates PETE which is Polyethylene Terephthalate. This means that our packaging is easy to recycle and lightweight. PETE bottles can be recycled into new containers, straps, panelling, carpet, furniture, tote bags, fibres and polar fleece.

Eco friendly

Many of the ingredients we use are natural, plant and flower derived. All ingredients are approved by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) and the National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and are safe for consumers, workers and the environment and they are Australian Certified Organic.

Contains certified ingredients

Many of the array of the ingredients use to formulate the products that we manufacture are Australian Certified Organic, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are using the most pure of ingredients for your child’s hair. None of the products we manufacture contain parabens, triethanolamine, dmdm hydanation, propylene glycol, petro chemicals, dioxanesls, sodium laurul sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

No palm oil and petro-chemical free

Moptops formulations use effective alternatives to parabens to prevent microbial growth and to preserve products.

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Daddy & Daughter Workshops

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Daddy & Daughter Workshops

Hey Dads! Want to have a closer bond with your daughter?
Our D&D (Daddy & Daughter) Workshops were created to help dads learn the basics from ponytails to braiding, simple styles and much more! We provide all the tools for the session, for you and your daughter.

“It’s not about the braid or bun, it’s about the bonding time.” – Chris Gaskell.

About the founder Chris Gaskell

Hey I’m Chris Gaskell, founder of Mop Tops Haircare 4 Kids since 2005!

I’ve been in the hairdressing business for over 35+ years, having begun my career in the UK, before emigrating to Australia in 1995.

I’ve worked in a number of salons over the years, refining my skills before discovering my passion – Haircare for kids!

My late husband (also called Chris) and I opened our first salon together in 2005 because we saw a gap in the market here in Australia, where there just didn’t seem to be any high-quality salon professional products for kids!

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