Struggling to manage curly hair?

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We know that in its own make up,  curly hair is dry, unruly and can be difficult to manage..  these struggles are real..

Most of the time it’s  the wrong product using adult and supermarket products a big no no,

firstly Adult products are harsh, full of nasties, one  analogy I use,  you wouldn’t use wrinkle cream on you children’s skin? why would you use adult haircare on their hair?  even the kids supermarket products  are full of  the bad stuff they should’nt be on the shelf! the reason Kids/Tweens are not oily until they are Teenages, so drying them out before they have chance to be oily.

curly hair needs losts  of moisture, starting with shampoo conditioner then a detangler, here’s why

Shampoo will cleanse the hair and the scalp it’s important to have a healthy scalp as this will affect the condition of the hair.. the shampoo opens the hair cutical the conditioner closes it  thus conditions and smooths making the hair easier to manage, curly hair only needs washing once a week, detangler  can be used daily to help with bed hair and detangle, never spray with just water as the water will dry out the hair even more,  as the water evaporates this will make the hair frizzy, this is why we use a detangler because it keeps hair conditioned once the hair is dry.

MopTops haircare is a salon exclusive range and designed for Kids/Tweens making it less painful to manage their hair..

they are kind to your Kids/Tweens sensitive skin and hair, made with the finest natural  ingredients with awesome fragrances,   no colours no nasties and proudly Aussie made

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