Why adult shampoos are not suitable for children

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Did you know that adult shampoos are terrible for children’s hair?

Not many people are aware that adult shampoos and conditioners can damage your child’s hair – they don’t really think about it.

It’s now time to think about it! Not only for your child’s hair but your child’s overall health. And it’s not only about shampoos for ‘no more tears’.

Here’s why you should avoid adult shampoo for your kids…

Children don’t produce enough oil until they are teenagers. Why is this important? Adult shampoo is designed to strip the oils from adult hair using chemicals. This makes them too harsh for hair that lacks oils. Adult hair products are not suitable for your child’s young MopTop!

Although it may look the same, the skin of a child is not the same as the skin of an adult for one very important reason.. SEBUM. That’s why we have created the MopTops haircare range for kids and loved by parents.

MopTops Haircare 4 Kids range is gentle enough for your child’s hair, and works to remove any build up on your child’s hair (from chlorine to hairspray and beyond).

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