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Founder – Chris Gaskell

About the Founder – Chris Gaskell

My name is Chris Gaskell, founder of Mop Tops Haircare 4 Kids.

I’ve been in the hairdressing business for over 35 years, having begun my career in the UK,
before emigrating to Australia in 1995.

I’ve worked in a number of salons over the years, refining my skills before discovering my passion
– haircare for kids!

In 2010, after several months of research and development, I opened Mop Tops Haircuts for Kids;
Australia’s first “children’s hair and accessory” funtime experience.  We provided a fun, welcoming
environment for kids to have their hair cut in big kid friendly chairs, with cartoons playing on their
own individual iPad screens. We also offered a wide range of hair products that were kid friendly.

The success of the Mop Tops salon inspired me to expand the business by creating our own range
of Mop Tops hair products and introducing the Daddy & Daughter Hair Workshops.
We’re also taking Mop Tops from a bricks and mortar salon to a “salon experience with a mobile convenience”
with Mop Tops On The Move.

Mop Tops is an evolving, expanding brand and the adventure has been heartwarming, uplifting and so very rewarding.

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The Mop Squad

Say “Hello” to the Mop Squad!

Introducing the Mop Squad – Jet, CJ, Katie and Lucy.

These fun loving kids look forward to having their hair cut and love
the delicious smells of the Mop Tops Hair Care 4 Kids range of hair products.

Look out for the gang in our next newsletter!