Swimmer’s Hair – 3 Essentials You Need this Summer

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Swimmer’s hair is real even if your child does not swim every day and has particularly fine hair, it will be highly sensitive to damage caused by chlorine and other impurities found in pools, rivers, lakes and oceans. I see dry, brittle, tangled and damaged hair all the time. It’s common for blonde hair to take on a green tone and sometimes the hair has a very shiny and very dry texture just like dolls hair.

Darker hair can also be bleached in the sun and can also have a green tinge to it, which in turn makes the hair very dry and hard to manage.

There is good news!!

There are three simple steps that you can take to prevent the damage and repair the harm that has already happened.

Here’s how

1 Protection

MopTops Splash Pre-Swim Spray will protect against the elements, an awesome heat protector/sunscreen which also helps prevent the dreaded green hair. Find it here.

2 Deep Cleanse

MopTops After Swim Clarifying Shampoo will remove any build up and help to neutralise green hair. Check it out here.

3 Condition

Extremely important, MopTops Be Moisturised Conditioner is formulated for your kids sensitive hair and skin and will make hair easier to manage. Check it out here.

Hair follicles are like sponges they soak up all the impurities found in water, to prevent this from happening, simply spray on damp hair MopTops Splash pre-swim spray before swimming, this way there is no room left for the follicles to soak up chlorinated water and will help protect the hair from absorbing the impurities but will give the hair that extra protection and nourishment that is so badly needed during the summer months. The general rule is every time you reapply your sunscreen, spray in pre-spray and apply liberally.

For kids with long hair, a simple tight braid or bun will help prevent hair from soaking up the impurities in the water, as well as help avoid from getting tangled. This will really help with after swim care.

Rinse hair immediately after swimming or as soon as possible, this will help remove the chlorine and impurities from the hair until you have time to shampoo.

I absolutely recommend using a swimmer’s or clarifying shampoo during the summer months or every time your child is swimming, these swimmers’ shampoos contain special ingredients that remove the impurities without stripping the hair.

We love MopTops Haircare 4 kids Splash range because it deep cleans and puts the protein and moisture back into the hair that the elements take out, it is also made with premium organic ingredients sourced in Australia.

Condition!!! Use a creamy conditioner or leave in conditioner to help rehydrate the hair. This step is really important because it will also help with tangles & knots, which can damage hair.


Carefully detangle using a good detangling brush (we recommend the MopTops detangler brush) so as not to break or damage the hair, always start from the bottom and work your way up the head.

I hope this information will help you manage your kid’s hair through the summer months!

It’s never too early to start your kids on a healthy hair care routine!


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