First Haircut Tips

I’ve been a kids hairdresser for more than 20 years! I’ve owned a salon, been mobile and now also collaborate with children’s play centres such as Atlantis Play Centre in Clarkson and Darlings Day Out, Wangara in Perth.

So as you can imagine I have seen a lot of happy times and a lot of unhappy times when it comes to a child’s first haircut. And a few tantrums too with some stressed out parents along the way. So I have put together a few helpful hints & tips that have been tried and tested over the years, to help get you ready for this memorable day.

Preparing for you Childs first Haircut

A haircut is new and can be a daunting experience for your child, so be prepare for any tears or fears that may happen on the day.

  1. Always try and take your child to a kids salon or specialist hairdresser as we are trained professionals and can handle anything that comes our way from tantrums over not wanting to wear a cape, to tears, fidgeting, and all the emotions that may surface at this time, including being scared.
  2. May sure your child has had some to eat and drink first and has already had their nap during the day, or come earlier in the morning as close to their wake up time as possible.
  3. When talking about your child’s haircut, never use the word “cut” as this word they associate with being hurt! I get them to sit in a big red chair and watch their favourite show on TV plus I’ll also even give them a treat like a lollipop or baby chino and we may even sing their favourite songs to keep them happy and distracted. I suggest that you change the word haircut to “Trim” anything you like just not “cut.”

During the haircut

  1. When you bring your child to MopTops we call the clippers (for the boys) the “Tickley machine” and we always switch them on infront of the child so that it doesn’t take them by surprise. Kids are usually not familiar with all the tools, so that’s why it’s so important not just go to any hairdresser as your child might get scared and this will affect them having future haircuts.
  2. Also remember YOU must relax. Because your child will pick up on you feeling nervous or emotional, as much as we like your child to sit in the chair, if they are having trouble or fussing, you are more than welcome to sit her or him on your lap.
  3. If you want to save a lock of hair for the “Baby Book “as your childs hair will change in colour and texture, we also have the option of a 1st Haircut Certificate with a lock of hair to remember this special day!!

Try to make it a fun time. Say they are coming to get a hair “Trim” and they can play in the centre afterwards as a treat (If they are coming to me) You could even organise a play date and you can have a coffee catch up too!! Great way to catch up with friends at the same time J

Chris @ MopTops Haircare 4 Kids


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Hair Tips,Teaching your kids healthy haircare habits

> Always comb hair from the bottom to the top

> Be gentle when the hair is wet as it is at its weakest when wet

> Use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush

> Trim regularly to avoid split ends (every 4 to 6 weeks for boys and every 6 to 8 weeks for girls )

> Aways use shampoo and conditioner, not a 2 in 1 as they do more damage


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Dad cheers up his little girl in hospital

This is one of the reasons why we started the Daddy Daughter Hair workshops.

A mum was telling me that her daughter was taken in to hospital and had to stay in, she called her husband to ask him to bring in an over night bag for their daughter, the Mum said she was unpacking the bag and at the bottom of the bag was a plastic bag with all the hair stuff to do a reindeer sock bun that he had learnt to do at the last workshop! the mum said, she thought why did he put that in.

With a puzzled look on her face, so as she took this out of the bag her daughters face lite up the room and smiled at her daddy which in turn made her daddy smile, that right there was their connection, it was so heart warming, the mum then said that dad the got to work and recreate the hairstyle that he had learned at the daddy daughter hair workshop, to say it caused a stir in the hospital was an understatement, one of the nurses came into the room and said wow!! i love your hair did your mummy do that and with the biggest beaming smile she said no! my daddy did it! the pride on my daughter and hubby’s face was priceless! the nurse then called some of the other nurses to come and look at her hair, they couldn’t believe that daddy had done this wonderful hairstyle and we owe that moment to them going to the Daddy Daughter Hair Workshop!

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Struggling to manage curly hair?

Mop Tops Hair Care 4 Kids logo

The Mop Squad

We know that in its own make up,  curly hair is dry, unruly and can be difficult to manage..  these struggles are real..

Most of the time it’s  the wrong product using adult and supermarket products a big no no,

firstly Adult products are harsh, full of nasties, one  analogy I use,  you wouldn’t use wrinkle cream on you children’s skin? why would you use adult haircare on their hair?  even the kids supermarket products  are full of  the bad stuff they should’nt be on the shelf! the reason Kids/Tweens are not oily until they are Teenages, so drying them out before they have chance to be oily.

curly hair needs losts  of moisture, starting with shampoo conditioner then a detangler, here’s why

Shampoo will cleanse the hair and the scalp it’s important to have a healthy scalp as this will affect the condition of the hair.. the shampoo opens the hair cutical the conditioner closes it  thus conditions and smooths making the hair easier to manage, curly hair only needs washing once a week, detangler  can be used daily to help with bed hair and detangle, never spray with just water as the water will dry out the hair even more,  as the water evaporates this will make the hair frizzy, this is why we use a detangler because it keeps hair conditioned once the hair is dry.

MopTops haircare is a salon exclusive range and designed for Kids/Tweens making it less painful to manage their hair..

they are kind to your Kids/Tweens sensitive skin and hair, made with the finest natural  ingredients with awesome fragrances,   no colours no nasties and proudly Aussie made

pop into the shop for more info on the MopTops haircare 4 kids


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Dads Swapping Tools For Hairbrushes

During the week, Tapping roof tiler Peter Waldock is a typical tradie who enjoys a banter with the lads.

So, he admits his workmates would be surprised to see him on his days off, hairbrush in hand, perfecting intricate braids.

But Mr Waldock only needs to see the smile on his six-year-old daughter Courtney’s face to know swapping power tools for de-tangling spray is a worthwhile decision.

Mr Waldock is part of a growing number of dads who have been learning hair styling along with their young daughters

“It’s been awesome,” he said. “I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with my son and his sport so I just thought it’d be something good to do with my daughter.

“I think it was one of the best thing you could ever do as a dad and daughter with the bonding time that you get.”

Noticing an increase in working mums and single dads, hairdresser Christine Gaskell started the classes to give dads the confidence to take charge of the school runs as well as special occasions, including dance classes.

At weekends, Ms Gaskell’s Carramar home salon is filled with the heartwarming and sometimes comedic scenes of dads getting used to negotiating partings and hair elastics.

About eight dads attend the classes every fortnight.

Starting off with brushing techniques “to avoid whiplash”, they soon progress to elaborate buns and festive hair-dos.

While the results might take a few weeks to achieve, it’s the quality time which is the focus, with dads dedicating the morning’s session to much-needed one-on-one time with their daughters.

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Adult Shampoos are Not Suitable for Children


A child’s skin and scalp produces almost six times less oil on a daily basis than an adults. they can be sensitive to synthetic perfumes, colours and preservatives. Adult hair products often contain heavy film-forming conditioners and aggressive surfactants. These maybe harmful on a child’s sensitive skin.

Children don’t produce enough oil until they are teenagers. Thats why adult hair products are not suitable for your child’s young MopTop!

Although it may look the same, the skin of a child is not the same as the skin of an adult for one very important reason.. SEBUM.

That’s why we have created the MopTops haircare range for kids and loved by parents.

Check out our exciting new range here.

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