Daddy & Daughter Hair Workshop Graduates

Mop Tops Workshops teach Dads how to style their daughter’s hair with confidence.

It is a unique experience where fathers learn how to do their young daughter’s hair and care for their daughters in a loving and interactive way.

These fun and interactive 2 hour workshops take dads out of their comfort zone, learning about partings, ponytails, detangling, braids and buns.

This experience helps dads to discover a direct and enjoyable way to connect emotionally with their daughters.

All hair styling tools are provided at the workshop, so no need to bring anything along. And during each session, we run fun activities for the daughters to do while the Dads are learning how to do their daughters hair!

“It’s not about the braid or bun, it’s about the bonding time.”
– Chris Gaskell.

With an increase in working mums and single dads, these classes help dads to take charge of the school runs, as well as special occasions, including dance classes.

The affectionate contact between dad and daughter facilitates bonding. This is valuable, because it’s well established that children with close, enduring connections with their parents are more likely to have successful relationships as adults than those without.

daddy daughter moptops braidDaddy Daughter workshop plaitdaddy daughter banana skins moptopsDaddy Daughter Moptops graduation

This can also be a boon to stressed out mums in dire need of quality “me time”. Because the fathers gain much needed confidence in looking after their daughters, they are often more willing to take on a caring role than they had been previously.

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