Dad cheers up his little girl in hospital

This is one of the reasons why we started the Daddy Daughter Hair workshops.

A mum was telling me that her daughter was taken in to hospital and had to stay in, she called her husband to ask him to bring in an over night bag for their daughter, the Mum said she was unpacking the bag and at the bottom of the bag was a plastic bag with all the hair stuff to do a reindeer sock bun that he had learnt to do at the last workshop! the mum said, she thought why did he put that in.

With a puzzled look on her face, so as she took this out of the bag her daughters face lite up the room and smiled at her daddy which in turn made her daddy smile, that right there was their connection, it was so heart warming, the mum then said that dad the got to work and recreate the hairstyle that he had learned at the daddy daughter hair workshop, to say it caused a stir in the hospital was an understatement, one of the nurses came into the room and said wow!! i love your hair did your mummy do that and with the biggest beaming smile she said no! my daddy did it! the pride on my daughter and hubby’s face was priceless! the nurse then called some of the other nurses to come and look at her hair, they couldn’t believe that daddy had done this wonderful hairstyle and we owe that moment to them going to the Daddy Daughter Hair Workshop!

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Dads Swapping Tools For Hairbrushes

During the week, Tapping roof tiler Peter Waldock is a typical tradie who enjoys a banter with the lads.

So, he admits his workmates would be surprised to see him on his days off, hairbrush in hand, perfecting intricate braids.

But Mr Waldock only needs to see the smile on his six-year-old daughter Courtney’s face to know swapping power tools for de-tangling spray is a worthwhile decision.

Mr Waldock is part of a growing number of dads who have been learning hair styling along with their young daughters

“It’s been awesome,” he said. “I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with my son and his sport so I just thought it’d be something good to do with my daughter.

“I think it was one of the best thing you could ever do as a dad and daughter with the bonding time that you get.”

Noticing an increase in working mums and single dads, hairdresser Christine Gaskell started the classes to give dads the confidence to take charge of the school runs as well as special occasions, including dance classes.

At weekends, Ms Gaskell’s Carramar home salon is filled with the heartwarming and sometimes comedic scenes of dads getting used to negotiating partings and hair elastics.

About eight dads attend the classes every fortnight.

Starting off with brushing techniques “to avoid whiplash”, they soon progress to elaborate buns and festive hair-dos.

While the results might take a few weeks to achieve, it’s the quality time which is the focus, with dads dedicating the morning’s session to much-needed one-on-one time with their daughters.

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