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Designed specifically for kids to help you manage their hair using healthy and eco friendly products.

Grown Ups

Our NEW product range is specially designed to help nurture your adult hair.

  • Tackle Knots

  • Hydrate

  • Everyday Hair Care

  • Swim Care

Mop Tops hair care products are designed to care for you and the environment.

You can feel confident that our products are free from nasties.

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Daddy & Daughter Workshops


Daddy & Daughter Workshops

are designed to teach dad's some new tricks and give you a great opportunity to bond with your little miss.
We give you some guidance on haircare and teach you some tricks to help you manage your daughter's hair.

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How To Detangle Hair

Tips On How To Painlessly Detangle Your Child’s Hair  A child’s hair is completely uncompromised.  It has never been coloured, permed or processed and that

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First Haircut Tips

I’ve been a kids hairdresser for more than 20 years! I’ve owned a salon, been mobile and now also collaborate with children’s play centres such

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